Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now that the first snows have fallen I have some time to post these pics taken about a month ago. We hiked up above Heenan Lake about 40 minutes from here and visited the Aspen groves where Basque sheepherders spent their summers beginning more than 100 years ago. 

The view from just below the grove where Basque carvings are. You can see the old wagon ruts and a pen on the left side of photo.

Looking up at grove. Fall colors in their prime.

Young trees in grove.

This is one of the two trees with carvings we found still standing in the grove. Sadly the trees with the carvings are dying off. This tree is standing dead.

This is the second and also standing dead. You can see the crack in the bark. As soon as the tree falls it will loose it's bark and the Basque artwork will be lost forever.
There are many wonderful sites on the web for you to see better examples of Basque Arborglyphs.

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